воскресенье, 28 марта 2021 г.

 1. Turkey

4 million 907 thousand  human carcasses warmed their belly and naked (.) (.) On the beaches of Turkey. Oh, this all inclusive and hot Turks. It seems to me that Kemer, Belek, Antalya will live for a long time in the stomachs and hearts of the entire Russian population and will be transmitted by genes to poor descendants. In general, is there life without Turkey?

 2. Abkhazia

3 million 621 thousand  tourists. Anyone surprised? In this regard, I have only one question: who wants hot pies?


1 million 793 thousand  relatives live in Ukraine. Everything is understandable and transparent. Relatives run to relatives.

4. Kazakhstan

2 million 310 thousand  Russians visited Kazakhstan in 2018. We are all brothers, friends. For a moment, Russians are the second largest national group in Kazakhstan.

5. Finland

Smoothly moving on to the mastodons of the tourism business. The situation with Finland is the same as with Estonia. 2 million 498 thousand  tourists once again prove that the simplified procedure for obtaining the Finnish Schengen is an excellent solution for both the receiving and the sending side. And for the same reason, by the way, twice as many Russians visit Finland as neighboring Estonia. Estonia demands a complete package from us, and Finka is reduced to disgrace. The main thing is for tourists to enter and stock up on sanctioning equipment for three lives ahead. Fairy rules!